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Nokia 150 review[Update #2]

One of the first things i was waiting for in 2017 was the new Nokia line up and especially the Nokia 150 phone. I have given up using smartphone anywhere outside my home for various reasons(battery, size etc) and i thought the nokia 150 would be a good replacement for my old and beloved Motorola W180.

UPDATE 12/02/2017: The battery lasted exactly 10 days with about 2 hours of call time.

UPDATE 05/02/2017: I have added some photos to show the quality of the camera.

The Pulpit Rock
Picture taken in shade.

The Pulpit Rock
Direct sunlight.

The phone came with a good package, small and minimal. Inside you can find the phone itself(duh), battery and a micro USB charger. Yes, you guessed right, there are no headphones! Anyway, no big deal.


The phone is very well manufactured, with high quality materials for 34€. The buttons are easily pressed and they have a good feeling. The only thing that bothered me was the central navigation button that was a little bit small for my thumb.


The phone came about 75% charged and after a full recharge the battery level is still 100% after 24 hours of usage with 5-10 calls.


Nokia is claiming 25 days standby, thus an update will follow after this post.

The software is Nokia style with all the necessary "apps" that a phone like this needs. 

Included apps are:

  • 2 games, Snake and Nitro racing(trial)
  • SMS
  • Contacts
  • Alarm
  • Flashlight
  • FM radio
  • Snake Xenzia(game)
  • Nitro Racing(game)
  • Camera (more on this later)
  • Bluetooth (v3)
  • Gallery
  • Calendar

Basically, all you need(and a little more) is here for your convenient.

The camera have a decent quality, although i didn't have a microSD to test the quality, so an UPDATE will follow later this week.







Speaker quality is pretty good and the screen resolution perfect for a budget phone like this.


 Responsive image

Of course its still too early to call it a winner(for my standards) but as i said above, an update will follow measuring battery performance and camera quality!

Until then, happy "back to the 90's " week!


Nokia 150 website

Buy Nokia 150 from a Greek market(no affiliate link!)