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A letter to my 20 year-old self

This is a letter of your future 36yo self that if you follow it, it will make you happy!

First thing first:life is too short, spend it wisely. In 2 years from now (2017), you and your schoolmates will gather all together and celebrate the 20th anniversary from graduating school. Yeap, times fly and you will not notice it. I still remember like yesterday your days at school and the vacations with your numerous friends. These days are precious and make sure you live them at maximum, which you did!

Programming: This is what you'll do for the rest of your life(or at least until your late 30s). A new world will be revealed in front of your eyes and here some tips to get you started:

  • Choose a programming language carefully. Which one you may ask. Well i suggest you start with VB. With VB you learn how to make windows application and prepare for what's to come. Some years later you'll find a new gem: C# ! And with c# the opportunities are countless. You will code some beautiful applications and you'll sell some copies too!

  • Make sure you will not be distracted by other things like half life :) or quake level editing. Yes,it's fun but you'll lose time. Instead, you can try a second gem:PHP

  • PHP is the one you'll fall in love. With PHP you can code websites and again make some extra money. Why PHP you may ask. Because the future is bright with php! All major networks and services will use php and you must be prepared and be proficiency in that language.

  • From time to time you will be distracted by various programming languages and new technologies but don't get too much into it. Touch but don't taste. If you want, start with some basic stuff regarding Javascript. It will help you build prototypes faster.

  • Later in some point, a new word will come, MVC. Search, experiment and learn it well. I think it's the key to land a dream job.

  • Forget windows or at least use it only for c#. Linux is what you need. But regarding Linux, you'll do fine, no need to change anything.

  • Some misc tips:
  • When you'll start the university, make sure you start skiing. You' love it all the way. The joy of gliding on the snow is not something you can describe with words.

  • Finally,a last tip:
    Do what you want to do. Don't let others tell you what to do(except me!).
    Cheers mate :)