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Nokia 150 review[Update #2]

One of the first things i was waiting for in 2017 was the new Nokia line up and especially the Nokia 150 phone. I have given up using smartphone anywhere outside my home for various reasons(battery, size etc) and i thought the nokia 150 would be a good replacement ...Read More

Creating your first JQuery plugin

When you are working with large projects, sometimes you may need to reuse existing pieces of code again and again. Copying-pasting your functions or html blocks is one way to do it but this is not what DRY dictates.

With Jquery you have an option to reuse your code with plugins.

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My top 10 must read

This time I decided to post something different, something not related to programming or coding. It’s my top 10 must read. All images are from goodreads.com. If you want an image to be removed, please let me know at info@theodoros.info.

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Hosting multiple sites with a single nginx config file

This is the only solution that worked for me when it comes hosting multiple websites with multiple domains on a single nginx server and one IP.

The traditional way of doing this is to separate every server block in the sites-enabled folder with the accompanying config file. For example the ...Read More

A letter to my 20 year-old self

This is a letter of your future 36yo self that if you follow it, it will make you happy!

First thing first:life is too short, spend it wisely. In 2 years from now (2017), you and your schoolmates will gather all together and celebrate the 20th anniversary from graduating school. Yeap, times fly ...Read More